NYC Movers Helping Our Veterans Get Back to Work

For many U.S. veterans, adjusting back to civilian life after a tour abroad can taxing mentally and physically, not to mention financially. In fact, there are more than 459,000 unemployed veterans around the country. But one vet is trying to change that fact and show that he won’t leave his fellow military members behind.

Jesse Gartman, a veteran of Iraq currently living in New York City, started his own moving company, Veteran Movers NYC, in 2011. Of his 20 employees, an amazing 17 are fellow veterans. In starting the business, Gartman’s goals were to realize the American dream of owning his own company and provide jobs to returned service men and women.

“These vets say moving furniture in and out of apartments and homes is like the work they have done in the military,” reported Laura Ingle on “America’s News Headquarters.” “They execute orders and use discipline to get the job done right and on time.”

Gartman worked as a mover after finishing his time with the Marines, and he knew his fellow veterans would be central to starting his own company.

“Trust, integrity, little bit of muscle, foresight, intuition. These [are the] kinds of things that we were taught in the military,” Gartman explained. “Discipline, responsibility, these kinds of things. These are very, very important to uphold such a high level of customer satisfaction.”

And uphold customer satisfaction they have—with high demand for movers in New York City and a great reputation you would expect from a team of veterans, Veteran Movers NYC is constantly growing and is quickly becoming one of the most popular moving services in New York. Their customers are satisfied with the excellent moving service and feel great helping our nation’s heroes get back in the workforce.

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