Office Moves

Office Moves

As you probably know, office moves require more organization than most other kinds of moves.  Since every office situation is different, Mountain Moving will customize the transition to ensure you are happy with the move.

Please make a note that you must label any items belonging to personalized areas in your new office. It seems obvious to label the major items but many often overlook personal items like floor protectors, trash cans, coat trees, etc. Proper labeling makes our job easier and will go a long way when it comes to protecting your belongings.

In larger moves, involving multiple offices that must be moved in stages, Mountain Moving often uses both numbers and letters to designate groups. For example: we might designate the first set of offices as A1 thru A20, the second set may be B1 thru B20. You must label all items going from one office to another with its appropriate letter, number and name. This practice helps us put everything where it needs to go and helps organize your new office. Before you know it, you’ll be back to business as usual!

Be sure to check with your leasing company for any printers, copiers, plotters or other items that you have leased, since they usually prefer to move these items themselves.

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In-Office Estimate:

If you think that your move has some special requirements that our in-office estimator needs to assessed, contact Mountain Moving and we can set up an appointment to give you a realistic estimate based on your distinct situation. Ours are the best moving quotes in town.