Northern Colorado Moving Company

As with most big decisions, our biggest decision as a moving company in northern Colorado took a while to be made—fifteen years, to be exact.

All the way back in 2001, after almost a decade of working on an independent contractor basis for one of the largest household goods shipping companies in the region, it was time. The decision was made: We moved out from under the shadow of “big brother’s” thumb and became Mountain Moving.

Unlike a lot of moving companies in northern Colorado, we’re locally owned! Isn’t it frustrating to feel as though you’re just another nameless face when you work with a corporate moving company? That’s not how Mountain Moving operates. When you’re looking for moving companies in northern Colorado, we’re proud to claim our local status, and we use our knowledge of the Front Range and eastern plains of Colorado to make your move easier.

Another thing we’re proud of? Our moving trucks. Each truck in our fleet boasts an interior that’s over eight feet wide and tall, as well as has hardwood rails on every twelve inches of the interior. What are those rails for? They let us customize tie-ins as we load each individual piece of furniture. Each truck also has polyurethane-finished oak hardwood floors to help us safeguard your furniture as it is moved onto the truck.

Whether you’re moving your home or office across town, or looking for help as you make a long-distance move, we can’t think of a better moving company to ask than us!