Levels of Service

Loading and Unloading Rental Trucks

This level of Mountain Moving’s services aids those who have a rental truck, but need help either loading or unloading it. In this case, a two-man crew will bring the necessary tools and moving dollies. Keep in mind that, if you need packing materials (paper pads, rope, shrink wrap, tape, etc.), you’ll need to let us know ahead of time.

Basic Service: Movers and a Truck

This service accommodates those who want to pack and break down all of their own furniture and just need of a truck and some strong movers. Mountain Moving will send two movers and a loading rental truck fully equipped with pads, tools, and equipment out to your location, no problem.

Full Service: Movers and a Truck

This moving service option assists those who want to do some or all of the packing, but needs professionals to pack specialty pieces. We can also professionally disassemble and reassemble specialty furniture, which clients often need with large pier units, such as two tower, bridge or center units, often including large panels of glass or mirrors.

Premium Service: Movers and a Truck

Customers who prefer to remain totally hands off during the moving process will need our premium service. Mountain Moving will handle all aspects of the transition, including packing up, breaking down, moving and setting everything back up.

The day before the big move, we will come by and pack everything possible into one of our loading rental trucks, ensuring that the actual moving day goes by as quickly and smoothly as possible. Once at the new home, we return all boxes to the appropriate rooms with the furniture that we packed them with (unless otherwise directed by the customer). We then reassemble the furniture and set up while other Mountain Moving representatives begin unpacking (if preferred).

Free Estimate: Give us a call for your free estimate or just fill out our free online form.

In-Home Estimate:

If you are concerned that your move has some special requirements that our in-home estimator needs assess, give us a call. We can set up an appointment to look over your possible requirements and give you a realistic estimate of any special concerns that may need to be resolved.