Moving Your Office

Moving your office can be more tricky at times than a residential move because organization is even more important. Offices have many small items to move and organize as quickly and efficiently as possible, because you have business to take care of. We at Mountain Moving customize each office move to your specific requirements every […]

Office Moves

Office moves can be overwhelming and a complete disaster if not properly organized. However, with the appropriate help and organization, they can go just as smoothly as any home move. First, everything must be properly labeled. This includes the personalized office equipment like floor mats, trashcans, and plant covers. Small items that are easily misplaced […]

Questions to Ask a Moving Company Before You Hire Them: Part 5

When you’re searching for companies to help you with transporting your belongings in Greeley, Loveland or Fort Collins, movers should be upfront about what they will and will not move for you. Has this been the case? If not, run! It’s important to ask right out of the gate: “do you have any restrictions on […]

Questions to Ask a Moving Company Before You Hire Them: Part 4

The worst part of any uncertainties in any situation is often when hidden fees arise. Think of all of the Fort Collins, Greeley and Loveland movers out there. When you’ve looked at their websites, what does it say about what is actually included in their services? It begs the question: are there ever additional or […]

Questions to Ask a Moving Company Before You Hire Them: Part 3

Before you hire a moving company, it’s important to ask about rates. If you don’t get an estimate before you’re in the process of moving, you can wind up paying a hefty bill that you weren’t planning on! There’s nothing worse than flying by the seat of your pants when you’ve already been planning the […]

Questions to Ask a Moving Company Before You Hire Them: Part 2

A common concern (and understandably so) among home and business owners wanting to move is the question of whether their belongings will be covered while in transit. Are the companies you’re looking at insured? A moving company’s insurance doesn’t always cover 100% of the value of your items, so it’s important to find out what […]

4 Reasons to Choose Mountain Moving

In between long hours at the office, family activities and other commitments, finding time to pack your belongings and move to a new home or office can be quite challenging.  The best way to reduce your workload is to seek help.  If family and friends are unable to assist, or the job is simply too […]