Home Moves

As your go-to residential moving company in Northern Colorado, we dedicate ourselves to delivering the top-quality service that you want. Some customers just want a few hours of assistance with the large or unmanageable items, while others want to remain completely hands-off and have us pack and move everything. Whatever level of assistance you need, Mountain Moving can help to make your transition as smooth and manageable as possible.

One key to a successful move is communication. Our crews do a walk-through before they lift anything for this reason. We take your needs seriously when we do this, in order to keep items headed to the same room or area of the house together. We take precautions other Colorado moving companies overlook. Mountain Moving protects your fragile household items and ensures that all of your belongings are intact and get to the exact place you want them.

After a comprehensive walk-through, the crew loads the truck based on your specifications, disassembling beds, taking mirrors off of dressers and so forth to ensure safety on the trip.

At your new home, we’ll perform another walk-through. Once again, clarity, accuracy and comprehensiveness will help us to perform to your needs. We will reassemble any items that we previously disassembled as we bring them in.  We place all items in the rooms or areas that you designated. Upon completion, we perform a final walk-through to ensure total satisfaction with our work. The end goal is your total satisfaction with the move.

For a free estimate on our home moving services, give Mountain Moving a call or fill out our free online form. If you would prefer an in-home estimate due to special requirements or complications, call us at 970-454-3362, and we can schedule an appointment to give a realistic estimate based on your specific situation.