Why Move to Northern Colorado?

horsetooth mountainIt’s the land of mountain views and 300 days of sunshine, but Northern Colorado has more to offer than its gorgeous weather and landscape. When considering a move, Northern Colorado should be top of your list for many reasons; here are just a few:



The Rocky Mountains are visible all throughout Northern Colorado and are unlike anything else in regards to size and beauty. Most Northern Colorado cities are just a short drive to beautiful hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, and rock climbing on some of the country’s top trails. Within miles, you have access to gorgeous plains, rivers, mountains, and more. You can get outside and enjoy the scenery throughout the year, from kayaking in the summer to skiing and snowshoeing in the winter.



In Northern Colorado you’ll find friendly people who enjoy a full and healthy lifestyle. People here work hard, but they also play hard and love to get out and experience everything the area has to offer. Everywhere you look, people are friendly, considerate, and involved.


Economy and Education

The entire state of Colorado is booming, but especially Northern Colorado. In fact, Fort Collins was recently ranked the fifth best city in the country for business and careers. Northern Colorado is also home to some of the state’s top schools at all levels, including the esteemed University of Northern Colorado in Greeley.


Restaurants and Breweries

Northern Colorado is a melting pot of different cultures, and it comes through in the huge variety of restaurants. Some of the state’s top chefs work up north, and the result is something to eat and drink for everyone. Plus, much of the menu comes from locally grown meat and produce from the area’s rich agricultural community. The area also has some of the country’s top breweries, including the third largest in the country, New Belgium, conveniently located in Fort Collins. Breweries are open for tours and tasting and contribute to the great culture of Northern Colorado.


Arts and Culture

Northern Colorado has a rich past, but it also embraces the future. This is shown in the wide variety of cultural opportunities, starting with the regions many museums and historical attractions. On top of that is a large artist community with galleries and displays throughout the cities. Musical talent and theater also runs deep, with the Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra as the oldest orchestra west of the Mississippi. There really is something for everyone in Northern Colorado.




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