Top 5 Moving & Storage Supplies

  1.     Boxes & Permanent Markers – You can never have too many boxes! Cardboard boxes are a great way to organize your things and once they are all packed and ready to go, boxes stack and store much easier than bags. Use your permanent maker to label the box and you are good to go!
  2.    Packing Tape Duct tape can virtually fix anything, and packing is no exception! Tape up your boxes and make sure they are secure. Clear packing tape also works great for packing up your boxes. Keep a few extra rolls around; you never know how much you will need until you run out!
  3.   Wrappings – Newspapers, bubble wrap, packing blankets and moving pads are ideal to keep your belongings safe during the move. Bubble wrap and newspapers are great for your smaller belongings, whereas the moving pads and packing blankets will help keep your lager items and furniture safe.
  4.    Flat- Bed Cart These are great for hauling larger items from one end of the house to the other. Instead of dragging one box at a time, a dolly will make it possible to move multiple boxes, cutting down on your moving time.
  5.   Sturdy Storage Lock – If you are moving your belongings into a storage unit, investing in a good self-storage lock is not to be overlooked. With the amount of time you took in packing your belongings, you will want to keep them safe.

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