5 Guidelines to Selecting the Right Child Care Option

5 Guidelines to Selecting the Right Child Care Option

Not all of us are stay-at-home parents. Some of us go to school, work, or do both. Thus, we need a place to take our kids for the day.

Selecting any old daycare can be easy, but finding the right one will take a little more work. This is especially true when it comes to moving to a city you’re unfamiliar with.

Your child deserves an excellent and qualified childcare service. Your child will receive the proper development they need and you’ll be able work or study without having to worry about your child.

Below you will find 5 simple things that you’ll want to check when visiting your childcare options. Remember the importance of going in for a visit. Stay for a while to see how things are operated.

Also, consider asking friends for recommendations. If you struggle to grab an opinion from a friend near you (just moved to town maybe?), ask around. Check Google reviews!

Child Supervision

You will want to ensure that your child is properly supervised. If they are napping, playing, eating, or doing whatever else, they should always be within proximity to the supervisor

How are the children disciplined? Make sure that all punishments are fair and positive. They should also be consistent with all the children. You do not want to end up with a caregiver who picks favorites.

How Safe is the Facility?

This is one of the biggest things to watch for. This question covers a large variety of things. Below you will find some simple checklist items to look for when you visit.

Is the facility clean?

Check mainly the kitchen, eating area, and diaper changing area for this. A clean facility is a healthy facility.

Are the caregivers trained and clean?

Do the supervisors have first aid training? Do the caregivers properly wash their hands when necessary?

Is the facility child proof?

Toxic substances like dish-washing soap or any medications should be kept inaccessible to the children.

Consider looking for anything like child gates, locked doors/cupboards, sharp furniture covered up, inspected play equipment, etc.

Are all the children there immunized?

The caregivers should require immunization documentation to keep all the kids healthy and safe!

Emergency plans?

Do the caregivers have a set plan in case of medical emergency? Is there a fire escape plan? Is the drill practiced?

Caregiver Qualifications

How qualified is the person taking care of your child? This might look different for everyone, but you might look out for some basic things.

Does the supervisor have a bachelor’s degree in a child-related field?

Though this is not necessary, some might sleep easier knowing this.

How long have they been working with kids?

A few years of experience is what you want. This means little experimenting and confident caregivers.

Are age differences handled properly?

Different ages require different curriculum, toys, and environments.

Is the caregiver genuinely interested in kids?

The best thing your child can have is a caregiver who actually cares and wants to be there.

Child to Adult Ratio

You can do a lot of research on this subject, but it’s not too difficult to see for yourself. Your child should be receiving attention. That is the bottom line. Instead of bogging you down with numbers, here are some very simple questions to ask yourself when visiting.

Are the caregivers struggling to give attention to every child?

The older the children, the more the supervisor can handle. 3 infants per adult is about appropriate. If the children are around 10 years old, the caregiver can handle about 10 to 12. You fill in the rest. Just remember, what you see is important.

Are there more kids than adults?

Child to child interaction is important. Unless you are specifically paying one person to take care of only your children, dropping your kids off at a large facility with no kids could mean a sketchy situation.

Do the Kids Like It?

You want your child to like it. Bring them along. Are they antsy to jump into the fun? Do the other kids there look like they are enjoying themselves? This should be a very large factor when making your decision.

There should be plenty of toys and play equipment!

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