DIY Moving: Is It Really Worth The Cost?

When DIY Moving Goes Wrong

The do-it-yourself (DIY) craze is upon us and while your cousin’s homebrew might be the best beer you’ve ever tasted, there are a few things you should leave to the professionals rather than trying to do it yourself.

Like re-wiring your own electrical system, moving your home is best left to the professionals for similar reasons. You wouldn’t mess with the hard wiring behind your walls without knowing what you were doing first because you could risk serious injury. Likewise, moving on your own if you do not know what you are doing carries the risk of injury.

You probably won’t get electrocuted if you attempt to move all of your belongings from one place to the next (unless you’re tearing out wiring as you go) but you can seriously injure yourself in many other ways.

Some common injuries for people who attempt to lift and move heavy items that they are not used to moving include:

  • lower back strains
  • pulled muscles
  • broken or pinched fingers
  • hernias, if you’re not careful

older couple with boxes

DIY Moving Risk – The Cost of Medical Bills

Let’s think about the cost of these potential injuries for a moment.

First, if you’re injured enough to require medical attention, you’ll have to pay for a hospital visit one way or another. If you hurt yourself severely enough to miss work, that’s more money out of your pocket. When considering the cost of hiring professionals versus medical expenses, you may find that the costs of DIY moving can add up to much more than making a phone call to a professional moving company like Mountain Moving.

Hiring professionals can also save you the trouble of hurting yourself while moving your couch down three flights of stairs and reduce the overall cost if you strain your back in the process. For many people, a lower back strain is more than an inconvenience; it can mean the loss of valuable work and cause severe discomfort.

On average, a lower back injury can take at least 2 to 8 weeks to heal. While there are many factors that might contribute to recovery time, such as age and fitness level, one thing is certain – the chance for lower back strain increases as you get older.

When you consider opportunities lost because of having to recover from a lower-back injury, you have to ask yourself, “is it really worth it?”

Avoiding Common DIY Moving Risks

professional moving companyAvoid the many common injuries of lifting and moving heavy things by getting professionals to do it. They have the right equipment and they know how to use it to save their bodies. They are able to carry more things faster to and from the moving truck. If you’ve ever had to move your things to the next home by yourself, you know how long it can take to carry every last box and piece of furniture to the truck. Professional movers can get your possessions into the moving truck and to your next destination much faster than you and your friends can move them on your own.

Everyone needs help sometimes, and in the case of Mountain Moving, you’ll get a great value on a moving service that can get you from your old home to your new home as quickly and painlessly (literally) as possible. Instead of burning yourself out in trying to move everything you own to your new home, hire a team of professionals who are all trained to avoid injury and move heavy items quickly and efficiently. The pricing of Mountain Moving’s services is very reasonable and worth it in the long run because you’ll avoid injury and the many costs that hurting yourself can have.

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