Long Moves

Long distance moves get the same care and consideration as our local moves if not more so due to the distance being traveled. Your crew will show up promptly and on time. They will then assess the best access to the house and position the truck accordingly. Before the walk through you need to have separated the things that are to be packed and shipped away from the things that are not to be packed and shipped. During the walk through you need to point out anything to your crew leader that you want special consideration given to. Everyone has special pieces that are more valuable to them on an emotional level than what their monetary value would indicate. Family heirlooms are a good example of this. The crew will then pack and load the truck in a manner that is safe, efficient, and timely. If you feel there are any issues with this process, discuss them with your crew leader. It is your move and all efforts will be made to accommodate your wishes.

Our long distance moves are more of a custom move in that we do not mix other customer shipments in with yours and we do not pick up and drop off along the way. In this way there is significantly less opportunity for damage in that we are not constantly unpacking and repacking our truck along the way to your new home. This also allows us to be able to set up a delivery schedule that is more accommodating to your specific needs. At the new house, all furniture will be placed in the rooms you indicate, along with any accompanying boxes, and anything that we disassembled will be reassembled. A final walk through will be done with you to make sure everything has been done to your satisfaction.

Intrastate v. Interstate

Long distance moves are broken down into two different categories. The first is intrastate moves, which means within the state. These moves can be done on the basis of an hourly rate or on the basis of weight which is done per 1000 pounds per mile. The second is interstate moves or between states. These moves are regulated by each states tariff and are done on the basis of weight per 1000 pounds per mile. Each state has a set of rates or tariffs that it charges trucking companies for the use of their roads. Depending on which states we need to go through, their tariff rate, the weight in 1000 pounds of your shipment, and the miles traveled help to determine the cost of your interstate move.

Whether you are moving across town or across the country, Mountain Moving can help make your transition a smooth one. Fill out our online form and one of our move coordinators will give you an estimate of what will be involved in your move. If you would like to talk to a move coordinator just call or check the box in the online form and we will call you to discuss your upcoming move. If you would like an in home estimate we will give you a guaranteed not to exceed price in writing and signed by the estimator.