Why You Should Consider Moving to Greeley, Colorado

consider moving to GreeleyWhy would you consider moving to Greeley, Colorado? Is there anything about Greeley that makes it stand out from other cities in Northern Colorado? We think so…and we’re not the only ones.

Greeley is located just 60 miles north of Denver and is roughly 15 miles east of I-25. Just a drive west from 30 to 35 minutes brings you to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The Denver International Airport is easily accessed from Greeley whether you make the 1-hour drive yourself or take a shuttle. Location itself makes Greeley the perfect, central place to live in Northern Colorado.

But wait, there’s more.

Small Town Charm

Greeley is becoming more and more urban each year. It offers all the amenities you would wish for in a bigger city, and yet it still maintains the small town charm. 

A Plethora of Events

greeley stampedeThere are plenty of exciting events happening throughout the year in Greeley. From festivals to concerts and everything in between, you won’t lack for excitement. Some of these events include Greeley Blues Fest, Festival of Trees, Greeley Fiesta, and Greeley Lights the Nights.

One of the biggest events held in Greeley is the annual Greeley Stampede held in late June and early July. Running during the 4th of July, the Greeley Stampede is actually one of the biggest Independence Day celebrations in the US. This event includes carnivals, parades, rodeos, fireworks, the Miss Colorado Rodeo Pageant, and more.

Affordable Living

A huge reason to consider moving to Greeley: it’s affordable. Compared to many other Northern Colorado cities, Greeley boasts a lower cost of living. You are going to get more for your dollar when you buy or rent a home in Greeley. And while in some areas finding affordable living means compromising amenities, Greeley has nearly everything you need at your fingertips.

Outdoor Scenery and Activities

Greeley is home to many outdoor opportunities that you will love. The city has roughly 85 miles of bike lanes. Also great for biking, running, and walking is the Poudre Trail, 21 miles long stretching from Greeley’s Island Grove Regional Park to the Colorado Highway 392 in Windsor. There are many parks in Greeley, including Josephine Jones Park (a great runner’s park), Glenmere Park, and Island Grove Park.

Just 25 miles NW of Greeley is the Pawnee National Grassland on 193,00 acres. This is a popular place for bird watching, horseback riding, picnicking, fishing, hiking, and hunting.


Greeley is home to two great colleges: the University of Northern Colorado as well as Aims Community College.

Tax Incentives for Moving Businesses

For businesses looking to relocate or start up, Greeley offers tax and grant incentives. Some of the local incentives include sales and use tax rebates, building permit fee waivers, property tax incentives, and more. 

Great Food in Greeley

You won’t find a shortage of great places to eat in Greeley.

great food in greeley

That’s just to name a few! There are so many great options for a good meal in Greeley.

Still Wonder Why You Should Consider Moving to Greeley?

We’ve only covered a few reasons why Greeley, Colorado is an excellent choice when considering a move. Hopefully we have given you enough of a taste that will encourage you to go and learn more about this beautiful city. 

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