Top Packing and Moving Tips

Once you announce to friends and family that you are moving, you’ll probably get plenty of advice. But there’s always a few packing and moving tips that some might never have thought of—we think you’ll find a few of these useful:

You don’t always have to empty the clothes out of your dresser. Leave them in the drawers, and maybe throw a few other items in there as well, such as blankets or pillows. Just take the drawers out when you move the furniture, and put them back in when the furniture is loaded for transport.

Pack everything you will need right away in the same boxes, such as kitchen and bathroom items, a weeks worth of clothing, etc. This will ensure you have quick access to what you really need while you spend the rest of the week unpacking everything else.

Use different colored tape to mark boxes, color-coding them for each room. For example, yellow tape for the kitchen, blue for the bedroom, etc. This is more easily identifiable than writing with a black magic marker.

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