The Benefits of a Moving Sale

A few weeks ago, we brought you four major advantages to hiring moving professionals. We determined that with these benefits, you could save yourself a ton of money in the end. Additionally, hosting a successful moving sale will help with any added costs you have to squeeze into your budget.

While it may be difficult to get rid of some of your belongings, a moving sale can benefit you more than just financially. Being harsh when making your cuts will lighten your moving load, and will helpĀ  you get into your new place faster. Also, escaping from the pile of clothes you’ll never wear again is unbelievably liberating.

Don’t just throw a table on your lawn and treat it like a garage sale though, put a little extra effort into your sale and you’ll be impressed at the results.

Tips for a Successful Moving Sale

First, separate some of the nicer things you plan to sell, and see what the eBay market is like. Don’t forget that we’re living in the digital age- so many people are thrifting and antiquing online now.

Don’t find yourself without enough change, if you can’t make change for a twenty dollar bill- chances are your potential customer will just say “oh, never mind”.

Price the objects to sell, not to make money. After all, these are your hand-me-downs, so don’t expect top dollar pricing for these things.

Try to categorize tangibles by use or room, making the browsing easier. Doing this will keep people at your sale interested and focused.

Make bulk deals and discounts for those purchasing a few objects, this will save them money and ensure you get rid of everything, including things they might have been on the fence about

It’s amazing what a bit of public marketing can do, tell your neighbors and friends about the sale when you announce your move. You can also ask your kids or friends to help you make signs, directing traffic to your moving sale.

A great way to ensure that you sell everything that must go- is to have the sale a month early. This way, you can try a second attempt with lower prices, and you may get an entirely new crowd! If you have any excess tangibles, donate them to a local thrift store, because you’re still rewarding yourself by clearing the clutter.

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