How Far in Advance Should You Schedule Your Movers?

Moving your home or business is a complicated and long process. Hiring movers makes that process infinitely easier for you. It doesn’t mean you have nothing to worry about, though. You 

will still have to pack some things, get the house in order, etc.

Something you also might be asking yourself is how far in advance should you schedule your movers?

Many worry about scheduling too far out, some maybe worry about scheduling too close to the move.

Well, there is one real answer to this question.

Schedule as early as you can.

This is the simple truth and we are here to explain why.

Scheduling a moving company earlier has nothing but benefits, really. Some might be concerned about setting the date too far out, wondering if something might pop up, but we recommend you push this fear aside. If you can’t, just look at it like this: you’ll have this date set in stone, so you can schedule around it.

Now, why schedule early? Here are the reasons:

First come first serve!

As with most businesses, the best employees are scheduled first. These employees take on the busiest and most social parts of the business. So by calling early, your chance of getting the experienced movers instead of the second hands is upped tremendously.

Calling early also allows you to select the moving company you want. If you call 2 weeks out, many companies might be booked. You will not be happy settling with the uninsured, low-end movers.

Moving day is set – let the planning commence!

Now that this date is set, you can forget about the company. You are now focused on getting things ready in time for this date. Packing up your belongings 60-days out is a much better than packing a house 14-days out.

Save some money!

Like flight tickets, you usually spend much less booking 6 months in advance compared to the week of your trip. Some moving companies are similar. Booking closer to the date might result in a higher rate.

So overall, you will get the best movers at the best price when you schedule early. It’s worth it, trust us.

You might be in the last minute move though, who knows? Depending on the season, booking deadlines will be varied. Most moves happen within the May to September time span. This is the moving season.

On average, companies will require you to book a month out during this time.

Moving during the off-season, however, companies might require a 2 to 3-week booking.

Be sure to call your movers to double check what their specific requirements are!

Happy moving!

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