Pack Your Values Separately When You’re About to Move

Recently, a moving company in Knoxville was accused of not only overcharging their customer, but stealing belongings from them as well. This is extremely scary, and unfortunately, it happens a lot. But this is easily avoidable. One thing that we always recommend is to never transport valuables such as jewelry and cash, laptops, or heirlooms with the rest of your belongings. Sure, it would be unfortunate to lose say your clothing or a dresser, but imagine how much more of a loss some of those more valuable items would be.

Though we’ve never had this problem at Mountain Moving, it’s an easy thing for us to tell our customers to give them peace of mind as we move their belongings. Pack those items in your car, and make sure that you are able to keep them in your sight until you’re able to safely put them away at your new destination.

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