Apps that can make moving easier

moving smartphone appsA word we all dread but eventually have to do at some point in our life… move.  Whether it’s to your first apartment, your dream home or a relocation for a new job, we all have to pack up at some point.  Never fear, there’s help out there and it’s at your fingertips.  These five moving apps will help make moving easy.

Move Advisor

This free app will help get you prepared to move even if you’re organizationally challenged.   With a week-by-week moving checklist that’s incredibly detailed and user-friendly, you won’t miss a beat (or a box) as you pack up.  All you need to know when you start is your move date and if you’re hiring a moving company or doing it yourself.  Then leave the details up to the app and it will tell you what you need to do every week to be ready for the big day.  Some of those details include an ‘action’ button below some tasks that you can tick off quickly so you feel accomplished and even better, if the task is related to hiring someone or researching something, you can visit websites that correspond with that task to make it easier on you.  You can use the home inventory tool to create a detailed list of everything you own.  You can even calculate the approximate weight and volume of your stuff so you’ll have an estimate of how much your move will cost you if you’re hiring movers or know how big of a truck to rent if you’re moving yourself.

With Move Advisor, moving has never been easier.


Being organized will make your move less stressful on both ends and MyMove will give you information on what to expect from your move, help you find a moving company you can trust and get organized for your move.  From the get go, MyMove provides articles on how to choose the best moving company and  with that valuable information you’ll be ready to make calls and get ready to move.  Also, the app has a ‘Moving Tips’ list that gives you access to a constantly updated database of expert moving related articles with moving tips, relocation guides, moving checklists and moving industry news.

Another great feature of MyMove is that it helps you find the best movers for your relocation.  You can easily request free estimates, search moving companies by name or state and read reviews from past customers.

MyMove is a good app to have ready for your relocation and is available for both Android and iOS devices.

State Farm Move Tools

This interactive, user-friendly, free app will help you get organized for your move by providing many tools to make the job easier.  First up is the to-do list which is a detailed week-by-week checklist with tasks that you can check off and even add to if you’re a detail-oriented person.  The packing tool helps you keep track of items in your house so you have a complete inventory of what leaves and goes into your new home.   The smart labels functionality gives you the option to print out the app-generated labels and attach them to your packed boxes.  No more permanent marker for you.  Finally, this app has a ton of articles with moving tips, how to decide between hiring a moving company or moving yourself, moving insurance and things you should do before your move.

This practical app will help keep you on track for the big day.

Suddath Moving Guru

Another app to help make your move easier–Suddath Moving Guru lets you customize your move between domestic, international or government.  This feature then gives you a to-do list based on the move you’re making.  The task list isn’t as detailed as some of the other apps but with the international and government features, there are tasks that you need to think about that you don’t with a domestic move.

This app also gives you detailed instructions on how to pack each room which is a huge benefit on the other end when you’re looking for pillows and the blender in your new space.


With the free Sortly app, you get a moving checklist that starts eight weeks before your moving day and a week-by-week checklist.  Unfortunately, the task list is short and not super detailed so if you’re a person that needs that, don’t use Sortly.  If you want a list just to tick off the big items you need to get done, like hire a mover, then Sortly is the app for you.

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