The Millennials Are Coming

According to an article titled, “Millennials Are Moving To Colorado For Work And Play” by, Colorado has quite the appeal for many in the millennial generation.  

Currently, there are 1.5 million millennials (people born between the years of 19810 and 1999) are living in Colorado right now. More and more people in this generation are flocking to this state largely because of economic opportunity. Jobs in Colorado have stayed around despite the recession and young people are taking advantage. Millennials see the economic opportunity here and are moving to Colorado in droves.

Interestingly enough, for many millennials, where they live is just as important as the job opportunities available. A common thread with many millennials is that they want to be somewhere they can appreciate the quality of life — and Colorado doesn’t disappoint. With plenty of outdoor activities and thriving culture, it’s easy to see why Colorado has such great appeal.

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