Greeley Movers Advice? Clean As You Go!

Greeley movers have seen it all: Houses in sparkling clean condition, houses in dire need of some scrub-a-dub-dub-love, and houses that fall somewhere in between. No matter how long you’ve lived somewhere, or how well you’ve cleaned, there’s always a little extra elbow grease needed before Greeley movers come to move you to your new home.
One helpful tip that Greeley movers always recommend? Clean as you go! If you’re taking down pictures, keep a bowl handy for storing the nails as you remove them, and a tube of hole-filler at the ready to fill in each hole. Once the nails are removed and the holes filled, simply wipe down the wall with your choice of cleaner, and voila! In one tidy string of events, you’ve saved yourself the trouble of adding one more task to your list on moving day.
As always, preparation is key! As you pack up your household, clean as you go, wiping down cabinets inside and out as you empty them and keeping an arsenal of your favorite cleaning products at the ready. If you follow our advice, your moving day “final clean” will be nothing more than touch-ups—leaving you more time to settle in at your new place!

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