Don’t Discard; Donate!” say Loveland Movers

When you bought it, you loved it; but now that you’re sorting out your life for a move with Loveland movers, you’re not so sure you need it anymore.
Before you toss that pair of jeans, outdated vase or random kitchen appliance into the trash… consider these options first!
– A local thrift store
– Women’s shelter
– Homeless shelter
– Local Freecycle network or “online garage sale” page
Many items that you don’t use anymore, and that you don’t feel like packing up for Loveland movers to move, can go immediately to use at one of the suggested places above. Local organizations like thrift stores and shelters stay afloat because of generous people in the community who happily donate clothing, furniture, food and more. Loveland movers are efficient as can be, so why not make your move even more efficient by only bringing the things you still use? Donate, reuse or give away items you no longer want as you begin to pack up your home, and you’re doing your future self a favor! As you unpack and settle in to your new home sweet home, you can be satisfied in knowing that everything you unpack will be something you want and use.

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