4 Tips for Hiring the Right Mover – Tip # 1: Get An Accurate Quote

At Mountain Moving, we double our efforts to ensure that you receive the most accurate quote possible. First, we offer our free estimate right here on the website. Next, we’ll follow up with you to finalize all of the details before anything is moved. This is important. Here’s why:

Getting an accurate quote allows you to vet the company you’re hiring. If you receive an over-the-phone quote, which are indeed very convenient, you lose the ability to truly size up the company. Any shady activity that may happen will be unbeknownst to you. Beyond all that, it’s best to just know what you’re agreeing to so there are no surprises in the future.

Give us a call and we’ll help you figure out what’s best for your move and give you anĀ accurate quote to start.

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